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Schroeder's has delivered pianos to a Castle in Spain; Ghana, Africa; Japan, England, New Guinea, Mexico, Canada, and the Philippines. Actually some of these were simply making arrangements and delivering to a shipping company. It costs less than one might imagine. If you have the need to ship one of our instruments to wherever, just ask. Delivery in the greater Los Angeles area is included with the purchase of a piano from Schroeder's. We charge a hundred dollars extra for a flight of stairs (15 steps) and a little more for some of the larger pianos. Out of the area you can figure about one dollar per mile (one way) up to about five hundred miles. We can deliver almost anywhere in the continental U.S. for a thousand dollars and sometimes even less.

If we are delivering one of our sales, as is usually the case, Schroeder's may help pay for the move. Schroeder's has a well established delivery network ANYWHERE!


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