Will you be traveling through
We like to help purposful people!
Visit us for a night or longer.
It does not matter if you are traveling alone or as a family. The largest number we have handled at one time, to date, is 45.  We think 100 would not be too difficult.  We can also provide transportation and other blessings as my Father provides. If you think we might be of service to you please contact:
Steve Schroeder
13119 Downey Ave.
Paramount, CA 90723
Phone  800.57.piano / 562.923.2311
Fax  562.630.4471
Pager 562.462.6921
Email: Schroeder@57piano.com
Glen & Teri Alden
Willie Navaro
Claude & Wilma Rediger
Vern Dugan
Vince & Panni Nimbalker
Judy & Rajas Sekar
Gregg Scott 808-326-4400 ext 4141
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