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Schroeder requests your answers to the following questions in order to make you a cash offer or to consign and or list your piano for sale.
You can also receive an Online Estimate of the value of your Piano by email based on your answers to these questions.

  The price of your Online Estimate is $19.95
The estimate is FREE if you are selling a Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha and other selected brands. Your estimate fee will be refunded and is also Free if we buy or bring your piano to Schroeder's for consignment or non-profit donation.

Please fill out the following form as thoroughly as possible and click the submit button at the bottom of the page. You must include your e-mail address and phone number. We will contact you with payment options and provide personal assistance. Submission of digital pictures results in more accurate appraisals and cash offers! They may be easily attached near the bottom of the form directly from your hard drive.
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What is the name of your piano?  
In what country was the piano manufactured?


In what city was the piano manufactured?


What is the piano's Model?
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    but can be only letters or only numbers.)


What is its Serial Number?
    (Serial numbers are usually just numbers.
    Some are a single letter and a number.
    And a few begin with more than one letter.)
Click here if you need help finding your serial number


What is your estimate of the piano's age?
(Years old)  

Have you increased the value of your piano?
Have you Refinished, Rebuilt, Restored or...
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on each applicable item on this list.

Tell me how much money you spent to improve your piano
and what year the work was done.
Please include other changes as well.



Is your piano a Grand Grand ,  

                  a Square Grand Sq. Grand ,  

        or an Upright Upright ?   


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Pianos come in different sizes. To be accurate, they need to be measured.

If your piano is a Grand, Length what is its
length in inches?
* (if piano is a Grand)

If your piano is a Square Grand,
what is its width in inches.
* (if piano is a Square Grand)

If your piano is an Upright,  
40" Upright Height 55"
how tall is it from the floor to the top in inches?
* (if piano is an Upright)

Size *



What kind of wood is on your piano? *

What is the shade or color of your piano? *  
What type of finish does your piano have?  
What is the condition of your piano's finish? *  
What is the style of your piano?  
How ornate is you piano?

  Please describe the style of your piano.

What is the shape of the piano's legs.? Hold "Ctl & Click" one item for cross-section shape and one item for leg profile.

Do you have a bench?   Hold "Ctl & Click" the items that correspond to your bench.  

Select one or more purposes.   Hold Ctl, & Click.
My Purpose is to:

Is this your piano?  
Answer this question only if you want to sell.   If you are selling, what's important to you?  
If want to sell and have a price Price in mind please enter it here.  

If you want to sell, would you like to list your piano for sale on Schroeder's piano list for free. Choosing this option will not effect the value of the estimate.
If you selected 'want to list the piano on Schroeder's piano list', we need to know the least that you would accept at this point for the piano.  

Would you like to know more about donating your piano to NOBLE PURPOSE INC. (Link to Noble Purpose site)
Would you like to know why the purpose of the estimate changes the value of your piano?
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Your Street Address   Piano's Street Address  
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Is your piano on the ground floor?   If not, how many steps Stairs between street level and your piano?  
Are there any special difficulties moving your piano? Use "Ctl & Left Click" to choose items on the list.  
How far are you from Schroeder's (in miles)? Map Quest Link  

Please quickly look at the following questions and click the appropriate radio buttons.    
How many missing, loose or chipped keys Keys does your piano have?  

Does your piano have loose tuning pins?
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Does your piano have broken strings?
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Does your piano have cracked bridges
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Does your piano have cracks in the sound board?
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Does your piano have loose ribs?
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Does your piano have broken or missing parts?
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Does your piano have loose veneer?
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Does your piano have sticky or stuck notes?
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Does your piano have water damage?
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Does your piano have fire or smoke damage?
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Please type description of problem here if you clicked yes to any question.



Attach pictures of your piano here.

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or, if not, all file types can be selected from a pull down menu.
For information on the twelve picture system click here.
JPEG or JPG files are recommended.
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Even though I, Schroeder, use these very same values for Schroeder's Piano Company and many other dealers to calculate value we cannot guarantee that you will receive or spend the exact amounts estimated by Schroeder here when your piano actually trades. If you use Schroeder's estimate of the value of your piano you agree to hold Schroeder's Pianos and its associates harmless for any actual or perceived loss. Please read our exhaustive terms of use.

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