Stephen Schroeder Bio:

Mr. Schroeder began his piano apprenticeship in 1967.  He joined the US Air Force in 1969 where he received training in the repair of automatic flight control systems for cargo jet aircraft.  Mr. Schroeder began full time piano repair and restoration in 1975 skillfully completing the repairs that his father and associates could send him, such as fabrication of broken or missing parts, stringing, pin blocks, sound board repair, shaping hammers, advanced regulation, voicing and moving etc.  It is the intuitive understanding of pianos and the innate ability to analyze and problem solve that make Steve special in his field.

In 1981, Schroeder’s Pianos purchased Hewitt Pianos, a business established in 1957 by Mr. Ray Hewitt.  Mr. Schroeder retained Mr. Hewitt for three years; to continue his training in sales, store management, refinishing and other aspects of the piano business that Mr. Hewitt had acquired during his sixty plus years in the trade.

The name of the piano store was later changed to Schroeder’s Pianos.  Over the years, Mr. Schroeder has refined a number of techniques and tools to help Schroeder’s technical friends accomplish their work at a high level.  These include specially designed tools for a tuner in Southern California who is blind.   At present, Schroeder’s Pianos features four showrooms of used pianos, on a half acre in Paramount, California.

Formal Education:

                                                          13 1/2 years
US Air Force Automatic Pilot Repair       1      year

Institutional Piano Clients:

Staff for eight years at California State University, Los Angeles
San Gabriel Civic Auditorium
Bellflower Civic Auditorium
Dozens of various local public and private schools and institutions.

Speaker for the:
Piano Technicians Guild
Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Asso. and the Music Box Society.
Christian Business Men’s Committee
Gideons International

Publisher of : various articles and stories including a notable book on the age of the earth by author Don Stoner.