is a great way to sell your piano!
It combines the convenience of selling to a dealer
with the extra  you would receive from selling it yourself.
It is the perfect option for people that have a little time to wait,
before they get their .   Most people are in this category.
If not, SCHROEDER'S pays CASH now!
The way it works is this.
You call 800-57-PIANO to get a free estimate on the value of your instrument
over the phone based your answers to twelve questions.
1. Is your piano a grand  or an upright  ?
2. Pianos come in different sizes.
If it is a grand, how  is it,
and if it is an upright how tall is it from the floor to the top?
3. What is the name on your piano?
4. What color is it?
5. What is the condition of the finish?
6. Do you have a bench?
7. What is the condition of the keys?
8. How well does it ?
9.  What  are you in?
(Name&Address Please)
10. Are there any  or other difficulties in getting the piano?
11. What is the worst thing about your piano or is there anything else we should know?
12. Do you already know how much  you want for your piano?